Monsanto’s reaction to winning Angry Mermaid Award

On the Monsanto blog, Mica Veihman, director of Monsanto’s social media team, wrote a response on behalf of Monsanto to winning the Angry Mermaid Award.

Below we reproduce the reaction that Nina Holland posted on Monsanto’s blog on behalf of the Award organisers.

Angry Mermaid organisers Says:
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December 22, 2009 at 5:10 am
To: Mica Veihman, Monsanto

Here a message from the official Angry Mermaid organisers. Monsanto was the very convincing winner of the Angry Mermaid Award for the worst climate lobby, for trying to get carbon credits for ‘no-till’ (herbicide resistant) crops like RoundupReady soy. This, to thousands of voters, is the most absurd and damaging corporate lobby on climate change issues.

Monsanto was invited to the Award ceremony, on Tuesday 15 December in the Klimaforum in Kopenhagen, where the Award winner was announced by writer and journalist Naomi Klein. Friends of the Earth International sent the invitation on 14 December 2009 to the Monsanto press office – Both Monsanto and the RTRS had lobbyists registered to the COP15 in Copenhagen (Michael Hauser for Monsanto and Jeroen Douglas and Ben Zeehandelaar for the RTRS).

The Round Table on Responsible Soy was nominated along with Monsanto, for lobbying for carbon credits for ‘responsible’ GM soy, by developing a ‘responsible’ label that is in reality an empty shell; even soy from deforested land can be called ‘responsible’. By allowing Monsanto and Syngenta as members, and by promoting itself as a certifier of ‘sustainable? biofuels for European car drivers, the RTRS has definitely disqualified itself as nothing more than a greenwashing platform for the soy industry.

Large scale spraying of herbicides as a ‘solution’ to weed control on monoculture fields has nothing to do with sustainability. The evidence of the impacts of RR soy production on the local environment and communities in South America is so overwhelming and well documented that this undoubtedly was another strong motivation for voters to choose Monsanto out of a list of eight corporate lobbies that have all done their best to wreck effective action on climate change.

For more information on Monsanto’s lobby, please visit:

We thank the DC Climate Action Factory for their prompt delivery of a mermaid to the Monsanto office Christmas tree!!