Angry Mermaid arrives in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, 8 December 2009 -- The Angry Mermaid travelled to the UN climate talks in Copenhagen today to tell delegates at the conference how corporate lobbyists from big business are undermining effective action to tackle climate change. She wasn’t allowed inside the conference centre – apparently she wasn’t a welcome guest – UNFCCC officials thought she might upset some of the other delegates. But the Angry Mermaid still made sure that people arriving at the climate talks saw how angry she was as they arrived at the start of the day and photographers and TV cameras seemed pleased to see her there.

The Mermaid received a much friendlier welcome at the Klimaforum – the People’s Climate Summit in Copenhagen which opened last night with speeches from Naomi Klein and Nnimmo Bassey (chair, Friends of the Earth International). Lots of people wanted to find out more and vote in the Angry Mermaid Award to name and shame the corporate lobbyists who are undermining effective action to tackle climate change.

Maybe officials at the UN conference will change their mind and let the Angry Mermaid’s message be heard inside.

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