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Crucial UN climate talks took place in Copenhagen, December 2009. While people, organisations and social movements around the world were calling for strong action to prevent climate change and ensure climate justice, big business has been lobbying to block effective action to tackle the problem, while also seeking to benefit from it. Lobbying is defined as attempting to influence the decision-making process.

The Angry Mermaid Award has been set up to recognise the perverse role of corporate lobbyists, and highlight those business groups and companies that have made the greatest effort to sabotage the climate talks, and other climate measures, while promoting, often profitable, false solutions.

Named after the iconic Copenhagen mermaid who is angry about the destruction being caused by climate change, the Angry Mermaid Award winner was decided by a public poll.

Online voting opened on Monday 16 November 2009.

Voting closed on Sunday 13 December 2009.

The winner of the Angry Mermaid Award was announced during an Award Ceremony in Copenhagen on 15 December 2009

Read the story of the Angry Mermaid.

The Angry Mermaid Award was organised by the following six organisations:

Attac Denmark is part of the international Attac movement focusing on democratic control of financial markets and their institutions. We want to restrict international speculation introducing the so-called Tobin Tax. We want the abolition of tax havens. We want cancellation of debt of developing countries, and we want introduction of pensions based on ethical and sustainable investments.

Corporate Europe Observatory is a research and campaign group working to expose and challenge the privileged access and influence enjoyed by corporations and their lobby groups in EU policy making. This corporate capture of EU decision-making leads to policies that exacerbate social injustice and accelerate environmental destruction across the world.

Focus on the Global South is a non-governmental organisation with twenty staff working in Thailand, the Philippines and India. Focus was established in Bangkok in 1995 and is affiliated with the Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute. Focus combines policy research, advocacy, activism and grassroots capacity building in order to generate critical analysis and encourage debates on national and international policies related to corporate-led globalisation, neo-liberalism and militarisation.

Friends of the Earth International is the world’s largest grassroots environmental network, uniting 77 national member groups and some 5,000 local activist groups on every continent. With over 2 million members and supporters around the world, we campaign on today's most urgent environmental and social issues. We challenge the current model of economic and corporate globalization, and promote solutions that will help to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies.

Oilchange International  works to expose the true cost of fossil fuels and facilitate the coming transition towards clean energy. We are dedicated to identifying and overcoming political and economic barriers to that transition.

Spinwatch is an independent non-profit making organisation which monitors the role of public relations and spin in contemporary society. Founded in 2004, it promotes greater understanding of the role of PR, propaganda and lobbying through its website and through campaigning activities, including media appearances, book and pamphlet writing, ‘Spinwalks’ and investigative reporting.

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